Her Head Was Almost Enterely Cut By A Wire And Watch What Happened Then

06AUG2015 ck

They rescued a dog who had a plastic wire tied tightly around her neck, embedded in her flesh. The plastic may have been tied many months ago, possibly when she was a puppy, and with time slowly cut through her skin.

Which suffering this poor dog had to endure, is unimaginable.

Unclear whether they still can help in this case.


Animals would certainly be better off without humans. We breed and eat animals by the millions, we make them our laboratory rats, poison their world with our environmental toxins, torture them just for fun and treat them like dirt. And those who escape, might have the misfortune of being injured fatally in our garbage.

One can only hope that we finally learn from our mistakes and treat the planet on which we live and the animals that share it with us with respect. This dog has luckily survived. But what about the many others?

Please share this article, it probably won't bring much, but maybe so a few more animals can be saved.

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