See What Happens When 21,000(!) Kilos Of TNT Explode In The Middle Of A Busy City

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As a result of two successive explosions within a short time in Tianjin, at least 160 people died on 12, August 2015. 13 are still missing and 797 people were injured. Late in the evening of August 12, the fire department had been called to a fire in a warehouse, that occurred at around 23:36 local time in a container yard of the district Binhai in Tianjin Port, China. Later that evening two massive explosions followed.

Watch the frightening video a family father has made when his windows bursted.


(Source: LiveLeak)

The explosions were observed measuring 2.3 and 2.9 on the Richter scale for earthquakes. The resulting cloud of smoke was several hundred feet high; the China Earthquake Networks Center reported the first explosion had a TNT equivalent of about three and the second one had 21 tons.

Here you can see the 2nd explosion clearly.


Source: LiveLeak

The reason for the explosion was not immediately known. Some reports were received from an accident at work. The state-run media in China reported that the first explosion was caused by an unknown dangerous material in shipping containers. This would have been in a storehouse of Ruihai Logistics, a company specialized in the transport of dangerous goods.

A man blown away by the explosion in a mall.


Source: LiveLeak

High safety standards may perhaps slow down the economic development of a country, but what happens, if one neglects the safety standards, can be seen here.

The day after.


Source: LiveLeak

Like this if you want to put the governments of countries with low safety standards under pressure.

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