Everyone Likes Her Boobs, But She Can Also ...

12NOV2015 ck

Well, she can sing and play the guitar and something about her fascinates me.

I must confess that I like this way better than the original. But watch & hear for yourself!

Get Lucky - Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers (cover) Jess Greenberg


Jess Greenberg (born December 20, 1994) is a YouTube personality, singer, and acoustic guitarist from London, England. Greenberg began posting covers of songs on YouTube in 2010 at age 15. In December 2012, Greenberg was selected as Female Artist of the Month on the Star Central magazine's website. She also won Ryan Seacrest's "Totally Covered Summer" competition in August 2013 for a cover of "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk. Greenberg states that as much as she desires "to be a [professional] musician", she intends to study economics at University College London.

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes (cover) Jess Greenberg


Greenberg was featured in a March 2015 story in the Metro UK magazine by Caroline Westbrook. Westbrook commented that Greenberg, then 20, had accumulated over 70 million views on YouTube and was on her way to becoming an "internet star". She commented on the attention that Greenberg had received for her looks, but said that it's Greenberg's talent that has kept her in the spotlight.

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