Want To See A 100mph Baseball Cut In Half By A Samurai?

19OCT2015 ck

Isao Machi holds a number of world records and it is not hard to see why after watching the footage below. In fact, the fastball is fired out so quickly and Machi's reaction is so fast that we had to slow it down - the clip is the live version and if you blink you will literally miss it. The ball is travelling at a speed of 161km/h (100mph, according to the radar gun) as it leaves the machine and Machi manages to draw his sword and slice the ball.

His reaction speed is like from another planet.


Machi currently holds numerous Guinness World Records including most martial arts sword cuts to one mat, and fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts. Put simply, Machi has some seriously quick hands. If he ever gives up his job as a Japanese Iaido master, then maybe a career in baseball beckons.

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