Inventions For Everyday Life * Part 1

16OCT2015 ck

Whether practical or completely useless, new inventions are constantly being made, and as a result, we have no idea what is out there or what inventions even exist. On this page we introduce to you a few cool gadgets, that are in fact quite useful.

The Full-Body-Umbrella:


It seems that this invention only makes sense in really heavy rain.

Turn your pet into a cleaning assistent with this invention:


Ever seen how a dog moves wearing socks? This is really funny. Hard to imagine how one can condition the dog to do this.

Turn your kid into a Transformer and enjoy your time at the beach:


If I were still be a kid, I could really imagine having fun with this.

The USB-Chain:


This is the kind of invention that makes me ask myself why this is not a worldwide standard yet.

Make your baby enjoy getting his or her hair washed:


For my next child, this is a must-have!

Find your way to the fridge after midnight:


This is really helpful - especially if you live with children that always leave their toys on the floor.

What a great idea for workoholics:


Often I work 12 to 16 hours a day without a regular routine or regulated meals. But when the hunger comes I have to take a break and eat something ... in the office ... on the road ...

This is really great if you are a shift worker:


What a great idea to turn the day into night!

Always busy, sitting in the crowded office, no space for breakfast/lunch/dinner? This is your solution:


So simple and practical ... I've already ordered one.

Watch here the complete clip with further inventions:


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