The Horror Has A Name - Goliath Tigerfish


In the Congo River, Jeremy catches a monster which has been preying on unsuspecting victims. Growing to 6 feet long with the jaws and teeth of a crocodile, this is one monster you want to avoid. This large-toothed, highly predatory fish grows to a length of 1.8 metres (6 ft) and a weight of more than 15.5 kilograms (34 lb).

These teeth haunt me now in my nightmares!


A number of incidents have been reported in the Congo of this fish attacking humans. This seems to be the result of disturbances and flashing objects in the water that makes the fish mistake a human for a large fish. This reputation, combined with its strength, has earned it an almost mythical status among fishermen, and it has been called the "greatest freshwater gamefish in the world."

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