Carbonara From The Master Himself

14SEP2015 ck

We headed over to the Waldorf Astoria in NYC to learn about 3 Michelin Star winner Heinz Beck's recipe for the best Carbonara Fagotelli you'll ever try.

Beck's restaurant La Pergola resides in the Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Italy.

"An explosion of flavours in your mouth!"


(Source: 3 Michelin Star Winner Heinz Beck Shows Us His Secret Carbonara Recipe by AskMen on YouTube)

1. Whip egg yolks
2. Mix in grated Pecorino cheese, pepper and cream
3. Place in refrigerator for 30 minutes
4. Remove ingrdients and use to fill fresh pasta
5. Boil pasta in water with salt
6. Roast Guanciale and add 1 tsp olive oil
7. Add dicet zucchini, 2 tsp white wine and 1 tsp cooking water from the pasta
8. Strain pasta, add to pan, and add a little more grated Peccorino cheese

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