Traffic As A Living Organism

09SEP2015 ck

Thousands of cars, trucks and people daily - on one crossroad - WITHOUT traffic lights and WITHOUT accidents. This is so nice to see, I could watch it for hours.

Meskel Square. The nervous center of Addis Ababa, is often the site chosen by Ethiopians for festivals and celebrations, but is also a chaotic crossroads that thousand of vehicles cross daily.

Find out the secret of how this works.


The simple trick is that the road users here behave more conciously and carefully, because they know that there are no traffic lights. In the first world, we tend to rely on our traffic rights: It's green so we relax ... until someone runs a red light. After recognizing this principle, some cities in Germany built one street for pedastrians AND vehicles and removed all traffic lights, street signs and plates in special areas. The result was amazing: more than 10 times fewer accidents occured after the change.

Please share this if you would like your city planners to do their job better!

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