If You Like Crazy Crows You Will Love This Clip

01NOV2015 ck

The event took place as I left my home with a friend. We immediately noticed the crow sitting on the wipers of my car, which was parked in the driveway. Amused, we thought we'd scare it away by approaching, but it coolly watched us rather than fly away. We thought opening the car doors would make it leave. No dice. Same with starting the car. Surely, reversing out onto the street would scare it off. It did not, the crow just stared at us through the windshield. After slowly inching down the street without the crow moving, I gave it some gas, and even with enough acceleration to blow its feathers backed, it just perched there. I couldn't very well drive to my destination with a large bird on my wipers, so I pulled over and engaged the wipers, sure that it would finally take off. At that point I took the video. I wish I had recorded the whole thing, it was crazy.

Feel sad? Watch this video and you HAVE TO laugh!


Story ends well, eventually I got out of the car and gently pulled the bird off. It didn't resist, and when I let it go it hopped a couple of times and took off, so apparently it wasn't injured. One of the crazier things I've ever seen.

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