How To Kiss The Ground At 107 mph (172 km/h)

25AUG2015 ck

Éric Barone, a French sportsman born 1960, rode 400 metres (1,300 ft) at the Cerro Negro on a serial production bicycle for a new speed record, and just after the computers had registered 172 kilometres per hour (107 mph), the bike sharply entered a section of the hill with a lower gradient, causing the front bicycle fork to break off, and the bicycle and rider to crash hard and tumble down the hill at high speed. Although he lost his helmet it saved his life, but he had several broken ribs and other injuries.

Do not try this at home!


Others die because they stumble in their living room and he survives a bicycle crash at 172 km/h. This is really unbelievable. The "Red Barone" (his French nickname is "Baron Rouge") might have been a cat in his last life - still having 8 lifes left.

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