He Jumps Into A Pool With 100 Piranhas And ...

20OCT2015 ck

Piranhas are known to be dangerous animals. And so far I don't know anyone who would have dared to mess with them. Until now! As we shall see, a man was crazy enough to do so and he has jumped into a pool with 100 Piranhas - without a "safety net".

Beforehand I would like to show you a video that demonstrates the bite force of these animals!

I'm sure it would chop off a finger just like that too ...


Nothing you would like to play with? Me neither! Not so Jeremy Wade. He is doing the unbelievable and enters a pool full of healthy Piranhas without any protection!

Watch what happens after he went into the pool ...


Jeremy Wade has a pool filled with 100 Red Belly Piranhas, to demonstrate how they will only attack when blood and flesh are thrown into the water.

Even if it seems that he knows what he's doing, in my eyes, it is like playing with fire. But it never the less shows that also Piranhas are not as dangerous as we might think.

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