See What Happens When These Men Put Their Hands In Boiling Oil (200°C / 392°F)

27AUG2015 ck

Kann 'Superhands' Trichan at work at his chicken stall 2011 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dipping his hands into hot boiling fat sieving fried chicken with his own fingers. This chicken chef takes his cooking to the extreme. Amazingly the 50-year-old walks away with no blisters and completely unharmed. Discovering his unique talent seven years ago when he was accidentally splashed with hot oil but suffered no injury, Mr. Trichan started experimenting with his new found talent (now he holds a Guinness Book of World Record).



Source: Superhands: The Man That Fries Chicken With His Hands by Barcroft TV on YouTube

And Kann 'Superhands' Trichan is not alone: Prem Singh, 65, has become famous in the backstreets of Old Delhi for his unique ability. He regularly plucks fried fish from the vat - which is heated up to 200°C (392°F) - using his bare hands. But incredibly, the veteran fryer says he has never suffered any burns, blisters or ill effects.

I could not believe this if I hadn't seen this with my own eyes!


These two examples show impressively what anomalous abilities humans can have. Perhaps scientists already analyzed their genoms to transfer this feature to future universal soldiers ...

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