The Man-Eating Elevator

09SEP2015 ck

See how this man nearly lost his life only because he was playing with his smartphone. Almost all of us use elevators every day, not giving a thought to its potential danger - especially if you are distracted by your smartphone. Watch a South Korean man narrowly avoid being maimed or even killed when he tripped inside a dodgy elevator that continued its ascent with the doors wide open. The doors close on the man and then retract with the guillotine-like gap between him and the opening in the wall continuing to narrow. With catastrophic injury seemingly imminent the man manages to slide out of the lift and remove his arms just before they are ripped off. The incident took place in Uijeongbu in northern Gyeonggi Province on the 25th of April, 2015, South Korean news service SBS reports.

Frightening footage taken from inside the lift.


A law that came into effect in 2000 requires all lifts to have a sensor that will stop the elevator from moving with the doors open. However, the lift in this particular building was installed in 1999 and appears not to have the required safety device.

Please take care using your smartphone and share this if you like it! It could safe someone's life!

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