He Wants To Help Suffering People in Africa - By Having Sex

03AUG2015 ck

Dustin Leonard, 28, from Sydney had a vision. He founded a Company while studying at Sydney University and has just signed a major distribution deal with Woolworths supermarkets. His target is to help people in Africa by selling his product in the entire world.

This is a very classy setting. But how shall it work?

See for yourself how he imagines to realize it ...


This commercial is a play on the HERO "Have Sex, Save a Life" tag line. The doctor and waitress misconstrue this message and assume that they can have sex to save the man choking. Obviously, they cannot save the choking man by having sex, but they can help save a life in a developing country by using a HERO condom.

The idea is not new and it seems that Dustin uses the humanitarian approach as a marketing purpose. Nevertheless, his plan is commendable. Hopefully, there are many buyers and many imitators that do the same with other products.

Please share this and perhaps it will have a little effect. Already a little "klick" can help saving lifes.

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