See How Old People Are Treated In The Nursing Home And You Commit Suicide Before It's Your Turn

06AUG2015 ck

Life is hard and not all of us manage to get old. Those who manage to get old have achieved something and deserve the utmost respect.

It's a real shame, how elderly are sometimes treated. After seeing this video it really scares me to grow old.

If there really is a God, he must get sick when he sees us humans!


We went to the moon, have computers, calculate in 11 dimensions but treat our old citicens like shit. It seems that we are in a "devolution". Sharing things on Facebook doesn't usually do much, but when it comes to issues like this, the power of social media can be an incredible tool.

If you'd like to help your future not to become like this, like this article and try to be a better human.

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