Could A Car In The Sun Melt Like Chocolate? Yes It Can!

07AUG2015 ck

A British tourist caught some disturbing images while on holiday in Italy. He spotted a mid-2000s Renault Megane estate whose plastic bits had either melted out of shape or off the body completely ...

What happened? The car in question seems to be sitting in the middle of a parking lot with no shade and it seems that it could be a result of alleged record high temperatures we're seeing in 2015.

The scene was captured in Caorle, Italy, a popular destination for tourists and one of the many small towns lining the Adriatic coastline near Venice.


Somehow this is really frightening me. If the climate change will go on like this I will have to buy a melt resistant car. No, this is really a serious problem concerning all of us and it shows how dramatically the human forced climate change is influencing our planet.

Please share this to show everyone whats going on. It is 5 past 12 and we ALL have to change our behaviour NOW!

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